Sidewalk Grant

Did you know?

Wendell residents and business owners are responsible for the upkeep of sidewalks outside of their establishments and residence. If injury occurs on their sidewalks the homeowner is liable for all damages and costs.

The City of Wendell is aware that this can get costly for homeowners and businesses, so we have put together a sidewalk ‘grant’ fund to help!

What does this mean?

If the sidewalk outside of your house or business needs replaced the city can help. We are offering incentives to help with the cost of sidewalk repairs so it is not so costly for the home or business owner.

What are the incentives?

Residents who repair or replace sidewalks can get up to 75 percent match of the lowest bid or invoiced amounts.

Businesses who repair or replace sidewalks can get up to 50 percent match of the lowest bid or invoiced amounts.

What is our objective?

The City of Wendell wants to give everyone the opportunity to have nice sidewalks to walk on and to reduce the probability of injury to our citizens. With our help it will be more feasible for home and business owners to repair and replace sidewalks.

What do I need to do to take advantage of these incentives?

  1. Get at least two bids for replacing/repairing your sidewalk.
  2. Complete and return the grant application available at city hall.
  3. After applications are submitted and prior to the start of work, the City will inspect the proposed project to verify grant eligibility. Upon field verification, the Sidewalk Repair Grant Application will be approved, subject to available funds, and the property owner will be notified to proceed. The work must then begin within 30 days and completed within 90 days. If the work is expected to take longer than 90 days, applicant may request an extension. The City will not reimburse expired applications.
  4. Work begins, Property owner selects contractor, obtains permits, calls for inspections and completes work.
  5. City approves reimbursement request and mails check to property owner.

When can I apply?

Our sidewalk grant program is up and running, so stop at City Hall for an application today!

Ditch Rider

The City of Wendell is Seeking Contract Labor for the 2020 Ditch Rider (Irrigation) Season

Below are some of the requirements of this Contract:

  • Ditch rider will burn ditches and clean head gates.
  • Ditch rider will provide manpower, vehicle and cell phone to accommodate water delivery to irrigation users in Wendell.
  • The City of Wendell will provide weed burner, propane, and weed spray for Ditch Rider’s use to maintain ditches.
  • With the approval of the Mayor and/or Wendell City Council, City will provide pipe, tins, head gates, and material required to make small repairs.  Locks and keys will be provided by the City.
  • The City is responsible for irrigation pumps, Ditch Rider will grease and maintain pumps and equipment as needed.
  • Ditch Rider will notify the City of any misuse or unauthorized use of irrigation water.
  • Ditch rider will provide general liability insurance in the minimum amount of $500,000.

For more information contact Lesley Sandoval at Wendell City Hall 208-536-5161

Sealed bids will be accepted at the Wendell City Clerk’s Office until February 28, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any informality in a bid, and to make award in the best interests of the City


The City of Wendell is looking for an enthusiastic, energetic, qualified individual for our Public Works Department. The primary function of this employee will be to operate equipment and perform skilled maintenance and service work on Wendell’s utility service lines and systems, streets, and public properties. This employee must operate several pieces of equipment, perform work, with minimal supervision. These duties are in a shop and in the outdoor environment and will involve inclement weather and potential hazards. Starting wage is based on experience. 


 High School Diploma or GED equivalency is required

Class B CDL 

Must be willing to rotate nights and weekends

Must successfully pass a drug screen and background check

The City of Wendell is a drug and alcohol-free workplace and an equal opportunity employer. 

Applications available at City Hall