Mobility, or the ease and methods which people and goods are able to carry out daily functions on safe and reliable transportation routes, are very important to the City of Wendell. Without transportation and its various modes, the city would limit the use of property and reduce mobility.

Roadway management, maintenance, and planning in the city limits are the responsibility of the City of Wendell. Standards are currently on file in the City of Wendell that established guidelines for street widths, depths, gutter construction, line setbacks, control of access, street naming and numbering, right-of-way, and grades.

On Idaho Street (State Highway 46), the City operates under the authority of the Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD). Financing is supported through state and federal funds. A four-way traffic light is in operation at the intersection of Idaho Street and Main Street. A traffic light located on Idaho Street and vacated 3rd Avenue East is in operation during school hours for pedestrians.