City Water System

Potable water is distributed and disinfected at one of the two city well houses. Maintaining capacity will be based on quality maintenance of the water system, as well as insuring extensions of the system is done within acceptable engineering standards and methods. Requiring inspection of extensions by city staff and engineers as the system grows, the City has developed a policy requiring developers to pay the cost of the extension and inspection cost.


Idaho law requires all backflow assemblies to be tested annually to protect the City’s water system from potential contamination. Please read the Wendell City Ordinance 319 – it can be found under the “Ordinance” page on this website.

As a City property owner, you are responsible for protecting the water on your property. The responsibility starts at your meter and includes your entire property’s water system. You are required by the State of Idaho to have a backflow prevention device. All cost associated with installation, operation, maintenance, service, repair and annual testing of your backflow prevention assemblies are your responsibility.

> At your expense, you must arrange for a licensed backflow tester to test your backflow prevention
device. A list of licensed backflow testers in our area can be found here:  Backflow Flyer

> Please inform your backflow tester to submit the results of your test to the City Clerk’s Office at
PO Box 208, Wendell, ID 83355