Backflow Testing Required

The following list of backflow testers are licensed by the State of Idaho, and have all done testing in Wendell.


Christopher Hansen-941-1179


Doug Kinsey-539-4208


Precision Lawn Landscape-280-5296


Green Cut Sprinklers -308-2941


Backflow Testing of Idaho -539-2583                                                    


Cunningham Backflow – 308-8531


Triple S Landscaping -280-2321


Kimberly Nurseries -733-2717      


Magic Valley Backflow -308-6757


Reis Plumbing -326-4126


Absolute Fire Protection-573-1293


Vance Landscape -944-2535


Scott Holmes-961-0367


Delta Fire-736-0011


AAA Service LLC-961-1328


Healthy Progression-731-0305


Elevation Backflow Testing and Repair-613-7992


The Sprinkler Guy-869-6607



The City of Wendell does not set pricing for testing. Each individual backflow tester sets their own fees. They are required by the State of Idaho to be certified every year and for their equipment to pass state calibration testing every year.


A copy of the paperwork needs to be kept on file at Wendell City Hall


Please make sure that you use a State Licensed Backflow Prevention tester.


All irrigation systems supplied by public water require a plumbing permit before installation. All piping and materials upstream of (before) the backflow prevention assembly must be of a type which is approved by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.


For more information on backflow prevention, google backflow or cross connection. You will find a wealth of information on this topic.


Cross-Connection & Backflow


Any connection between drinking water supply and any source of non-drinkable liquid, solid, or gas is considered a Cross-Connection .


When circumstances are just right, generally caused by unequal pressure, a non-drinkable substance can either be pushed or pulled into a drinking water supply. This is called Backflow.


We need and want our water supply to be safe, pure, and uncontaminated.