Local Business

The Wendell area offers a variety of services catering to local and agricultural demands including: restaurants, bars, hair salons, gas stations, and a RV park. Also available: a hardware/lumber store, grocery/sporting goods store, garden nursery, banking services, laundry mats, auto parts, licensed daycares, sandwich shop, coffee shop, fast-food drive-thru, realties, car wash, movie kiosks, churches, and mortuary services.

Wendell offers health services consisting of two medical clinics, dentist office, and a volunteer QRU service. At the present time, ambulance service is provided out of Gooding, 10 miles to the north.

Wendell Senior Citizens Center, located at 380 1st Ave East, provides two meals weekly at minimal cost. The number of seniors attending the Monday noon meal fills their present facility to capacity.

Economic Development Potential
The potential for economic development in Wendell is excellent. Located on the intersection on State Highway 46 and Interstate 84 provides convenient access to food, fuel, and vacation destinations for travelers and local residents. Businesses and light industry wishing to locate to Wendell will find easy access to the Interstate to the south and west of the city with potential building sites along both sides of Interstate 84. Rail service is also available.