Now Accepting Applications for Deputy Clerk

The City of Wendell is seeking a highly skilled and self motivated Deputy Clerk to join our team! Applicants should be comfortable undertaking a variety of activities in the front office including, processing payments, answering phones, basic book keeping, customer service, and much more! Reliability and a strong work ethic combined, with great communication skills are a must! Submit your application to the City of Wendell today! 

News Alert!!!!!

NEWS ALERT*************

To ensure timely processing of payments and better service to you, OUR MAILING ADDRESS HAS CHANGED. Effective immediately, payments should be sent to the new mailing address. Be sure to update all internet banking websites to ensure payments are directed to our new address:  375 1st ave. East Wendell, ID 83355. Thank you for your attention to this change and the opportunity to serve you.


Solicitors Are Not Allowed in the City

There have been a few complaints lately about door to door salesmen. City Ordinance 511-2012 specifically states that no door to door sales are allowed in the City of Wendell, with the exception of service clubs such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, etc. To read the entire ordinance please come into City Hall to request a copy or click here

Please call the non-emergency number (208-324-1911) if you have unwanted solicitors at your property. Pay attention to which way they went, what they are driving, how many of them, and what company they are working for. Please report it immediately so it can be dealt with by the police department. If you feel threatened or they are unwilling to leave, call the emergency number 911.

We want you to feel safe and secure in your own home and in the City of Wendell.